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Tutorials > The Art of Encoding Movies in XVID/AVI Part 2

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For Part One to Part Four of this Tutorial click on the below link:


This is the last part. I will show you how to encode the movie using VDUBMOD . I will be using XviD for this tutorial. I will also show you how to add filters to your movie to get a better result. Filters are optional and not always needed, but I will illustrate how to do it for the sake of this tutorial.


First thing, find a good set of filters and intall them into your VDUBMOD and VDUB plugins directory. Go here:

Once you find all the ones you need, extract them to your plugins directory. In my case:

Note: Both VDUB and VDUBMOD bring filters included, however, there are numerous great filters that are quite awesome and not included.

So now we have all that we need in our plug ins directory, open up VirtualDubMod.

Go to "File/OpenVideoFile" then go to your "EXAMPLE-RIP" folder. Select the avisynth script and open it. Vdub mod will now load it. Use the scroll bar on the bottom to see your picture

Once you do that, go to "Streams/Streamlist". click "Add, and locate your mp3 file that you converted with audacity. If you have followed everything as I wrote it, it will be in the
"EXAMPLE-RIP" folder. It will begin parsing the audio and vdub will give you a warning if the audio is VBR. ignore it and click "No".

Now you will see it in the stream list. Click ok and VirtualDubMod will return back to the main window.

Once in the main window, its time for adding filters, then encoding. To add filters, go to "Video/Filters". A blank window will open. Click "Add" and you will see the list of filters in your VDUBMOD plugins Directory. This part is solely up to you. You add what you think it might need. Im only going to add one . "Sharpen".

Once you click on the filter you want, adjust the filters settings to your desire, then click ok, once in the filter list window, click ok to proceed or repeat previous steps and add another filter.

Once you've added all your filters, you can proceed to encode the movie. You can also skip the filters steps and just proceed to the step below:

Now we're back at the main window. go to "Video/Compression" A window will pop up showing the list of all codecs you have installed in your pc. So we're at the window, select Xvid and click "Configure".

The Xvid Codec Configuration window will appear as illustrated above.

The first thing you want to do is set the "Profile Level" at "Unrestricted" Once you do that, click "More" next to "Profile Level"

Once you click "More" a new window will pop up.

Now its time to configure. If your movie will have 1000Kbps bitrate or more, set the "Quantization type" to MPEG. If it will be under 1000Kps set it to H.263. Check the "Adaptive Quantization" box and leave the three below unchecked. Check the B-VOP box. Set the max consecutive B-VOP's to 4. Leave the "Quantizer Ratio" at 1.50 and "Quantizer Offset" at 1.00. Check the "Packed Bitstream" box. Disregard the "Level" and "Aspect Ratio" options and click ok.

your settings should look like this except the H.263. You can use MPEG or H.263, really up to you.

Now you're back at the main XviD config window. Next to "Encoding Type", set it to "Two Pass First Pass"

Next to "Quality Preset", set it to "user defined"

Click "More" next to "Quality Preset" and a new window will open up.

Set "Motion Search Precision" to "6-Ultrahigh". Set "VHQ Mode" to 4-Wide Search". Check all three boxes : "Use VHQ for b-frames too" "Use Chroma Motion" "Turbo". Leave Frame Drop ratio at 0. Set "Maximum I-Frame Interval" to the correct number. If your movie is PAL (25.000 FPS), Set it at 250. If your movie is NTSC INTERLACED ( 29.970 FPS) Set it at 300. If your movie is NTSC PROGRESSIVE (23.976 FPS) set it at 240. In my case, its is NTSC PROGRESSIVE so I'm setting it at 240. Your settings should look like this:

Now click on the "Quantization Tab". Check the "Trellis Quantization" box and leave other settings at default. They should look like this:

Now click "OK" and you will be brought back to the main XviD config window. Go to "Encoding Type" and set it at "twopass-2nd pass"

Click on "Target Bitrate KBPS" and set it to "Target Size kbytes" if not already done

Click on "Calculate" button next to "Target Size kbytes" and a new window will open.

Next to "Target size", type in 714752

714752 = 698MB. 1024kbytes multiplied by 698Mb = 714752 kbytes. The reason I made it 2 mb smaller is to get exactly 700mb output file. With XviD, You gotta always take off 2 mb or you'll end up with a 702-703MB file.

Next to "Format" leave it in "Avi-Open-DML"

Under "Video", input the length of your movie in Hours, minutes, and seconds. Next to that input the FPS. If your source is pal it will be 25Fps, if your source is NTSC and is progressive, set it at 23.976Fps, if your source is NTSC and is not progressive, meaning that it is interlaced, set it at 29.970Fps.

Now under "Audio", check the bubble that says "Sizekbytes". If your audio is CBR set it to CBR and VBR set it to VBR. Look for the box to the bottom right hand side and click it. Locate your mp3 audio and select it and click ok, It should be in the "EXAMPLE-RIP" folder if you have followed this guide step by step. Once loaded, you will see that the xvid calculator has changed its numbers around and gave you a calculation for your movie.

Once you do this, click ok and you will be back to the main XviD window. Next to "Encoding type", set it back to "Twopass-1st pass", now click the "more button". You will see this:

Check the "Discard First pass" box. Now click on the button next to "stats filename" and save the stats file in the "EXAMPLE-RIP" folder.

Now you will be back at the main XviD Config window, click ok and you will be brought back to the main VDUBMOD compression window. Click ok and you will be back to the MAIN VDUBMOD window. Go to "File/Save as".

Before you do anything, make sure that "Video Mode" is in "Full Processing Mode". Also MAKE SURE to check the box that says "Don't run this job Now, add it to Job-Control". Leave everything else unchecked. Now Select the folder you want to save it in, in this case save it in "EXAMPLE-RIP". Name it the same unique name you named your d2v file. Mine was "DR". Once you got that all set, click "save".

Now go to "Video/Compression". Select the XviD codec (Should already be selected) and click "configure". The main XviD Config window will pop up. Next to "Encoding type", set it back to "Twopass-2nd pass". Click ok and ok again until you are back at the main VDUBMOD window. Go to "File/Save as" and repeat the previous steps. Now that you've done that. Go to "File/Job Control". Here you will see you 2 passes pending. Click auto start and your movie will begin to encode[img=32x32]file:///C:/Users/xSaMx/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image001.gif[/img]

If you want to see how fast it is encoding, go to the main VDUBMOD window and select "Options/Show status window"

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